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February 28
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February Feature #2

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 11:04 AM
Hello my friends! February has been a busy month for me and it looks like March will be the same.. which is a good thing actually, except that I have zero time for art.. So here's a little feature, just to show you I'm not dead (unfortunately for some people :lol: ) Enjoy! 

Nobody's Fool by J-u-d-a-s The Real Enemy by Corvinerium H by AnjaMillen P I S C E S  B O R N by shiny-shadows-Art 

The journey starts here by Manink Ponds beauty by CindysArt Fantasy  Elf____! by SK-DIGIART Celestial Warrior Victoria by Carlos-Quevedo 

A Wandering Soul by SerafimaUN Lonely in the wind by CindysArt Sabertooth in Fog by deskridge girls in white dresses by Andaelentari Afterwards by vampirekingdom Nymphea by Kryseis-Art 

A-Fairy's-Place by EnchantedWhispersArt Until death by Fae-Melie-Melusine Ready To Freeze by Lhianne <da:thumb id="436602377"/>  The Scent of Dreams by k-i-mm-i-e 

Dark Waters by mi-eterna-primavera Magic birds by heidi137 Masquerade by LidiaVives Close To Me by Cinnamoncandy Melancolie by Kallaria 

Passage to a faraway kingdom by scared-princess The Search (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena Ahmed Yahya by SeventhFairy Forbidden love by brietolga 

Dragon Land: Among the clouds by RazielMB As Time Goes By... by RoseCS Assassin by PerlaMarina Life's thief by okissop Reinas by Marazul45 

The Crypt by MachiavelliCro Romantic by Thalia30 The Ancient Art of Seduction by rsiphotography Virtuous by Anj3lla Mayan Protector by ramworship 

Destati Kara Za Ame Hikari by CarlosAE Call Of The Wild - II by Walking-Tall keep the faith by L-A-Addams-Art Le pouvoir de la Valkyrie by Le-Meridian 

Haunted Princess by TaniaART Enchanted Cave by La--Boheme Just a Dream by Sandra-Cristhina Full Moon by AliaChek Untitled by Serdar-T 

Spies in Mordor by neverdying Strains on the buttom of the sea 2014 by nudagimo .: Echoes :. by Pure-Poison89 

The Red Sea by Babylonia666 Evening Light in Oslofjordd by DriPoint Ignibus Doloris by Shades-Of-Lethe Forever by SeventhFairy Elizabeth by MonaParvin 

Tribute a Luis Royo 3 by FABRYKING61 The other point of view by Bergkristalle Sunshine by robhas1left Dark Wings of Tragedy - blue version by Dani-Owergoor Someone to rely on by cennie 

What once was mine by Potion-Master ... by oldSkullLovebyMW Fire and Ice I by Spiegellicht Zauberhaft by Daystar-Art The Storm Up by Paulo-Bert 

Thirst for Freedom by Sisterslaughter165 'Nachtmar' by J-u-d-a-s Women by AliaChek Mystic by MD-Arts SKULLED by foureyes 

When the night comes by tamaraR Those born to crawl will never fly by sasha-fantom Dragon Trekking by kimsol Jessica the Rabbit by Carmen-Ioneanu 

Tenderness by MagicOfTheTiger Perception of Evil by LevanaTempest Purple Thoughts by KlaraKay Angel Above by debzdezigns-lamb68 

Thoughtless by sara-hel Honey by megan7 I Chose a Side by Jezzy-Art Hide and Seek  - Game - by Doucesse Love is blind by Garden-Of-BlackRoses 

That Sinking Feeling by Pygar The Incantation by crilleb50 The storm by ClaudiaCW Heart by Bojan1558 masquerade by IgnisFatuusII Iracebeth by Marjie79 

Fractals Edge 1 (Greenish Tone) by KarahRobinson-Art <da:thumb id="434723561"/> <da:thumb id="434360512"/> gates travel by Creamydigital Eve by EstherPuche-Art 

R U N by Teddy-Cube Involved by maiarcita La fille du roi by Fleurine-Retore Dragon Land: The life lesson ~ Wallpaper by RazielMB 

Nothing to Fear by KYghost *for my valentine* by WelshAngelArt The Beauty Of The Scorpio by Sweetlylou Ravens' Grief by SweediesArt Vent de la tristesse by NebelelfeNaemy Power over the elements by katmary 

 Mist Giant by 1oshuart Heavenly Sound by Hoangvanvan Bloody Mary by paulauskas Claude by Fuz-Caforio-Art Strange Dreams by kimoz 

Sweet Nightmare by MD-Arts In Space by Altair-E Wishing On A Dream by Shedboy68 Etheral artbook by ELK64 If Only by Ironmountain01 

trapped butterfly by peroni68 Witch-king of Angmar by ClaudiaSchirmetz Desolate souls by gotman68 Orom by LordNicax Libra - The Scales by BloomingRoseXeniia 

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